Domestic Violence

South Carolina Statistics

  • SC currently ranks 6th in the nation for the number of women killed by men and is consistently in the top ten in the nation. (Violence Policy Institute When Men Murder Women report 2018)
  • In South Carolina, 40 intimate partners(29 women, 11 men) were murdered as a result of domestic violence in 2017.(South Carolina Attorney General’s “Silent Witness” 2018.)


National Statistics

  • Approximately 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.
  • The cost of domestic violence, including rape, physical assault, and stalking, exceeds $5,800,000,000 each year, of which $4,100,000,000 is spent on direct medical and mental health care services.
  • Nearly 7.8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives.(Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States. 2003. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)
  • 85% of domestic violence victims are women. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence, 1993-2001, February 2003.)
  • More than 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the US every day. (Family Violence Prevention Fund, 2007)
  • Females accounted for 39% of the hospital emergency department visits for violence-related injuries in 1994 but 84% of the persons treated for injuries inflicted by intimates. (Violence by Intimates: Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends, U.S. Department of Justice, March, 1998)
  • About 324,000 pregnant women in the US are battered by the men in their lives. (Gazmararian, JA., Petersen, R., Spitz, AM., Goodwin, MM., Saltzman, LE., Matks, JS> 2000. “Violence and Reproductive Health: Current Knowledge and Future Research Direction.” Maternal and Child Health Journal.)
  • Businesses spend $5 billion a year on medical expenses related to domestic violence and another $100 million due to lost wages, absenteeism and employee turnover. (Domestic Violence for Health Care Providers, 3rd Edition, Colorado Domestic Violence Coalition, 1991.)
  • 44 percent of the Nation’s mayors identified domestic violence as a primary cause of homelessness. (US Conference of Mayors, 2002)
  • A boy who witnesses his father’s domestic violence is 10 times more likely to engage in domestic violence than a boy from a nonviolent home. (Family Violence Interventions for the Justice System, 1993)
  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women age fifteen to forty-four, more common than auto accidents, mugging, and cancer combined. (U.S. Surgeon General)
  • A woman is beaten by her husband or boyfriend every 15 seconds in the United States. (Amnesty International, 2009)
  • In 2002, an estimated 6 million women reported abuse, compared to 200,000 men. (The Post and Courier Staff, January 5, 2003.)

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